XBox Beats PS3 and. Nintendo Wii with all cool features

As an XBox lover its good to know that XBox stand out in the competition with PS3 and Wii. In terms of graphics and handy features XBox is exceptional with all new looks and thrilling sensational experience.

The Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii both jumped into the game console ring this weekend to compete against Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Who is going to win?

The Xbox 360’s optional, external HD-DVD player is $180, pushing the 360 up to the same price as the PS3. Further, the $300 core Xbox 360 systems can’t use Microsoft’s online video store because they don’t have the required hard drive to save downloaded movies.

Popular Xbox 360 games sell for $50 – $70.

Xbox 360 Core Console (no Hard Drive)
Xbox 360 Console (Includes 20GB Hard Drive)
Xbox 360 Elite System Console (Includes 120GB Hard Drive)

Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter for WiFi ($99)
Xbox 360 External HD-DVD Player ($180)

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