Webserver Stress Tool/Load Test

Web Server Performance, Load, and Stress-Test

Paessler Webserver Stress Tool is a powerful HTTP-client/server test application designed to pinpoint critical performance issues in your web site or web server that may prevent optimal experience for your site's visitors.

By simulating the HTTP requests generated by hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous users, you can test your web server performance under normal and excessive loads to ensure that critical information and services are available at speeds your end-users expect.

Detailed test logs and several easy to read graphs make analyzing results a snap. Webserver Stress Tool for Windows (98/ME/2000/XP/2003) can benchmark almost any HTTP server (e.g. static pages, JSPs/ASPs, or CGIs) for performance, load, and stress-tests.

How much load can Webserver Stress Tool generate?

We have successfully tested Webserver Stress Tool 7 with

  • more than ~500 MBit/s network load
  • more than 1.000.000 pageviews per hour and
  • up to 10.000 simultaneous users


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