Unlock Your HTC Touch For Free

Yesterday i was searching google for unlocking HTC touch (P3450) and luckily i found the way to unlock it!Its a mere 5 mins job after downloading all the necessary files need to unlock your phone.Just go through the tutorials and steps i provide you here.

1)First of all download this file : Touchunlocker.rar

2)Extract it on your PC.

3)You must have ActiveSync installed on your PC to transfer files to your PC.If you dont have download it from here: Download

Note:(Please see the download link on the top right)

4)Connect your Phone and establish Activesync Connection.

5)Install 'Cert_SPCS.cab' and 'EnableRapi.cab' on your device.( Copy them to your devide and run).

Note:These files are hidden in your extracted folder.So go to view-->option and enable show hidden files.And also make these 2 .cab files unhidden(by right click on them and going into properties and unmark hidden option).

6)Run 'Touch_Unlock.exe'.(Ignore the message and press OK).

7)Open the file 'Unlock_result.exe' generated upon execution with Hex Editor.

8)The eight-character code beside the IMEI number in the file is your Unlock code.

Beside this i m giving you video tutorial also.If you still having some problem in unlocking feel free to contact me.

Download: Video Tutorial


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