Unlock any Reflexive Arcade game

Recently i found a keygen to unclock all reflexive arcade game ,pixel paradox and some of yahoo games(reflexive made).It works with all reflexive arcade games like yahoo tradewinds,leomanade tycoon,feeding frenzy 1,2.

To go to reflexive arcade or pixel paradox or yahoo games site and to download them here is the link : Reflexive media , pixel paradox , yahoo games(that are available at reflexive media site,download from their).

Note: Keygen is only for reflexive media games although games at pixel paradox and yahoo games have same game in their sites.But download games only from reflexive media even if you find it on yahoo games or pixel paradox.

Trick without Keygen:

This trick does not provide a full trick to unlock reflexive games but work with all reflexive games.Basically it just enable you to play the game for 1 hour again from where you left when time limit got expired.Before applying this trick take care of the following things

1) Go to c:\program files\reflexive games\(respective game folder)\

2)You will find their a folder with name saved or something related to saved files.

3)Copy files from it.And save it to a new folder

Now the trick is here

Download : http://www.regclean.com/download.php

Install this software.

And do the followings:-

1) Now Uninstall your reflexive game.

2) Run regcleaner and find registries related to that reflexive games (sort by recent one's)

3) Install the game again.

4) Put that saved files back into saved folder in c:\program files\reflexive games\ (game)\(saved)

Hurray , you got 1 hour time limit back and that too with the point from where you saved the game.

Here is the procedure to unlock it via keygens etc .See the screen shots.

Method 1:

Method 2:

Download and run the patch by pointing it to exe(after installing game).This should be done after installing the demo version first.Exe could be found later in c:\program files\reflexive arcade\(game) folder.Browse to this location when asked by patch to "Point to Exe".

Now run the game and enjoy.Time limit gone!

Download from Downturk.net or downturk.com


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