Tab browsing for Pocket PC

Well good news for windows mobile / Pocket PC users.Now you can have tabbed browing features on your mobile browser.Recently my brother bought a HTC touch flow so as soon as he bought it i was in hunt for more and more softwares i could stuff into it.Most needed i found was Flash player 7 for viewing flash in broswer,pocket rar for unzipping rar files into mobile itself and most important was tabbed browsing in the browser which standard internet explorer does not provide.But opera 8.6 do have this features and i was lucky to find its full version.
But its in rar format so if you want to put it into pc do unrar it via pc only if you dont have pocket rar onto your mobile.
The links of the three stuff i found are:
Note:Pocket rar is in russian verison(but is directly in cab format), you can find rar for Pocket PC via google search and install it on your Pocket PC thorugh PC synchronisation.
Pocket rar russian can be accessed via launching it only for unraring files.


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