Remove Watermark From Vista

To all of you using vista! You must have seen the vista evaluation watermark located in the bottom right corner of your desktop. Well, there is no problem with it but unless you dont want that here is a short guide!

1.First of all you need to go to x:\Windows\System32\en-US\ where x is ur "Vista" drive. After u reach here find the file "user32.dll.mui" and rename it to "user32.dll.bak". For this you need to take the ownership of that file. For that go to File Properies->Security tab, and give your user account/group full privileges (that is,permissions).

2. Now download a modified user32.dll.mui file(link below) and place it in the same directory.That's it!! Log off/Reboot and you won't have that watermark.

P.S.: I have tested this in the english version only. Don't use the modified file with another language.


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