Reallusiuon iClone v2.1 & Crazy Talk

Now you can master 3D real-time filmmaking with iClone 2! Advanced actor creation, real-time visual effects, and complete filmmaker 'power tools' allow you to create a complete cast of talking animated custom characters, clothing, 3D scenes and special effects for animated movies. iClone 2 demystifies the technology of creating full motion 3D avatars and video story-boarding.

iClone 2 advances the technology of storytelling, introducing entirely new features designed to enhance both film creation and viewing. G2 (Second Generation) characters with 'Clone Cloth' provide natural character movement and creative custom actor clothing and fashions. Command control of Particle SFX with over 40 presets and Special EFX editor provides custom special effects. LivePlants add natural movement for forests and trees, grass, and flowers, providing natural movement, providing professional level productivity tools for iClone users, and a fresh filmmaking experience.

Filmmakers can now direct dynamic films in real-time, allowing anyone to 'cast a movie' with customized avatars, build custom sets, arrange prop placement, control lighting, camera animation, and more. iClone 2 lets you film your scenes inside a fully functioning video studio that evolves with the needs of your production.

Simplified timeline control gives users easy access to scene composition and directing with a 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' real-time camera view and key-frame assignment.

Download: Reallusion iClone 2.1 English Activate

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