RAR Password

Every know and then when we download a rapidshare file we got stuck with some file that is in rar format and is password locked.I myself got frustated with such files.Earlier in my blog i mentioned how to find rar password of a file that is password locked.Know i am giving its further extension since that method has a good probability altough but we need 100% attrition rate.

So here is the new technique:-

1)Copy the name of the file that is password locked suppose "Xara_Xtreme_Pro_v3.2.2.2228_DL.rar"

2)Go to google.com

3)Paste this file name their.You will find many people giving the same file to many others in discussion forums.Know if someone is giving you a link in the forum most probably he will mention password if it is their or not mention if it is not their.


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