Pocket PC Tweaks and Tricks

Here i am sharing some Pocket Pc tweaks working for Windows mobile 5 and 6.These are basically registry tweaks which enables some wanted options in your Pocket Pc.This includes trick to unlock any windows mobile(5,6 and above)

How to use tweaks

In order to change registry settings, you'll need a registry editor. You can download the free PHM Registry editor here
Note that editing the registry can mess up windows mobile. Always take a backup of your data.

Notations Used:
HKLM = HK local machine
HKCU = HK Current user
WM5 = Windows Mobile 5

Some of the must needed Tweaks.(Above registry editor should be installed first)

1)Unlock your phone first (best way to unlock your windows mobile)

Here are the steps to unlock the phone:

HKLM/Security/Policies/Policies/ 00001001
change the value data 1 ( default is 2 )

HKLM/Security/Policies/Policies/ 00001005
change the value data 40 ( default is 16 )

2)Increase Wireless Connectivity

This tweak increases the connectivity from your pda to your wireless router. Locate to KEY_LM/Software/Wireless/Driver make the Value Data 30, ( or more for faster connectivity )

3)Install CAB Files to SD Card

If you change the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/Apps/Microsoft Application installer
'fAskDest' dword value change to 1 (DEC). It will ask for the installation location each time so you can install on SD card.

4)Prohibit Backlight going to defaults

If you change the backlight settings they will go back to defaults when powered of.
By changing this key, this will not happen anymore.

Set LockLevel = 0
Then do a soft reset

The time you set for the backlight will remain now after a power off.

5)Turn Off the blinking led lights


Change the Index value from 1 to 0

Then do a Soft reset

6)In-call volume change without sound

You can change the following values:


within each of these keys the default 'Script' value is 'p' for 'play'

Change the 'Script' value to blank (erase the 'p')

No more annoying beeps and the volume changes quicker!

7)Repeat notifications for text and email messages

Under HKCU/ControlPanel/Notifications find the following keys for Email and Text messages:


Also find Key 15F11F90xxxx for reminders.

Copy the Options value from the Reminders key and overwrite the options value in both email and text message keys with this value (1073741853)

Once you do this, go to start - settings - sounds and notifications - notifications.
under events, select new email message OR new text message and you'll notice that th repeat option that was greyed out is now enabled and can be selected.

8)Animate Open and Close of programs

First Unlock your phone by using the first trick given here,then follow these steps:

Set the value data 1 ( default is 0 )
Soft reset your phone

9)WM5: Animated Menu

Create key named AniType (if not exist)
Set the value data 1 ( default is 0 )

SoftReset your phone

10)Change your Operator Names

Step by Step guide to change Your Operator names:

Find HKLM/Software/Microsoft/RIL/OperatorNames and Create new string.
String name must be your operator codes. String value to any words.

11)Increase Bluetooth Microphone Volume

There are many posts and topics about increasing the bluetooth mic volume. As many as there are suggestions, there are also unanswered questions.
It has taken me many many days to experiment with different tweaks in my attempt to increase the microphone volume of my bluetooth headset (it was really soft and sounded very "distant").

Finally I found a solution that works for me.
Many sites and forums I came across sugggest changing values in "RECEIVE_UPLINK_VOLUME", "EARPHONE_UPLINK_VOLUME", "SPEAKER_UPLINK_VOLUME", "HEADSET_UPLINK_VOLUME" to "CC" and adding new entries like "MicVolume" in "AudioGateway" if it doesnt exist and even changing the bluetooth headset channel from "2" to something higher.

It may have worked for some but none of them worked for me. There seems to be much confusion about which controls what. After many tries, I decided to set all values back to the original (I did keep a record of what I changed) and give it one last go and now I am plenty glad I did cos now my bluetooth mic volume is just about as loud as speaking into the device directly.

This is the ONE and ONLY value I changed;


(original is "0A". The volume seems to be limited at this level but its good enough for me. I think the "limiter" is preventing it from going any higher)

Things I did...
Changed - HKLM\Software\HTC\AUDIOGAIN\RECEIVE_UPLINK_VOLUME = CC (now reverted back to its original = 00)

Changed - HKLM\Software\HTC\AUDIOGAIN\EARPHONE_UPLINK_VOLUME = CC (now reverted back to its original = 19)

Changed - HKLM\Software\HTC\AUDIOGAIN\SPEAKER_UPLINK_VOLUME = CC (now reverted back to its original = 10)

Changed - HKLM\Software\HTC\AUDIOGAIN\HEADSET_UPLINK_VOLUME = 10 (Keeping only this setting)

Added - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Bluetooth\AudioGateway\MicVolume (now deleted)

Changed - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Bluetooth\AudioGateway\capability = 74 (now reverted back to its original "37")

Hope this helps anyone who has been trying to bump up the mic volume. Good luck!


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