Pocket Pc Optimization Tool & Utilities

SKTools v3.1.6
is a powerful maintenance toolkit. Cleaning the registry and the file system, FreeUP RAM, other methods of system maintenance and much more...

Clear temporary and cache folders such as IE contents, IE history, Mail attachments, Terminal Server client cache, Opera cache, NetFront cache and custom user folders

Find and delete:
temporary, empty and absolete files bad registry keys and values empty keys New! bad shortcuts duplicate shortcuts duplicate notify queue entry/entries bad uninstall info files depending on their size or/and names (wipe optional) duplicate files (search by the name,size,crc)

MS Reader bookmarks (taking into account the bookmark's in-use/not-in-use status) empty folders past appointments Delete PIE history (registry) Built-in

Show the list of the installed programs including their size and date Show the list of files and registry keys of the installed programs

Uninstall program
Save the installed programs list to a text file FreeUP RAM: This option can free up 50K-2M of RAM

Send hibernation message
Compact Heaps (WM5)
Imitate the "memory low" situation
Close tasks
System tweaks:
more than 70 tweaks in 10 categories
Registry Explorer (New!):
Browse registry
View keys and values
Delete keys and values
Create new keys

PIM maintenance:
Search for duplicate contacts, appointments and tasks
Show past and reccuring appointments
Delete PIM data
Notifications Queue:
View, add and delete records
Find doublicates
Auto (may be disabled) backup of a registry key prior to its deletion
Full system backup (may not work correctly in some cases with certain devices)
Sheduled full backup
Independent registry, filesystem, databases, PIM, ActiveSync Partnership, MSReader activation backup
Self backup
Password protection for the backup files
Find and restore all of the SKTools backup files
Good compression of the backup files
Storage card maintenance:
Dsplay the card'(s') info (size, ID, slack, ...)
Format, Scan and Fix (hardware dependent)
Database maintenance:
Show the list of databases (CEDB, EDB)
Export/Import to/from an XML file (device and database dependent)
Process list:
Show all the processes including the list of process' modules
Display the info of memory usage, threads, command line
Close one or selected processes

Windows Startup:
Display the list of the programs run at the system's bootup
Delete program
Add new
Programs startup sequence management (device dependent)

Automation mode:
Run SKtools at the system's bootup
Run SKTools every day at the user defined time (powering the device off after the operation is complete)
User defined operations list
Background mode (run in the background, just LED blinking)
Registry opttimization (WM5 only) New!
PIM categories delete/rename (WM5 only) New!
View and manage Messaging Files New!
View and manage Today plugins
View and manage Input methods
View and manage SIM contacts (PocketPC PE)
View and manage SIM SMS (PocketPC PE)
Compact and purge call history (PocketPC PE)
System Information
Memory Usage - display all the folders including their sizes
Change the location of PIE cache, PIE history, PIE coockies, AvantGO data, NetFront cach
System optimisation option
Soft and Hard(for certain devices) reset
Command line support (screen off/on,power off, soft/hard reset and more...)
Change system files' paths (you can move some dlls from the windows folder to any location, for example to storage cards)
Multi-language support ( English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch)

Free updates for all new SKTools 3.xx.xx versions

Compatible with WM 2003(SE), WM5 PocketPC.


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