Orkut Auto-Logout Alert

Recently one of my friends got struck with such a menace on orkut.What it does is you will get a scrap (blank one most probably) and as soon as you open your scrapbook you will be logged out.Moreover that scrap isnt able to delete easily.

How it is done?

Basically its a bug in orkut right now,which is not fixed.People are combining malacious javascript with flash Activex.So as soon as you open your scrapbook you get logged.I m not sure of the fact that it is stealing cookies also or not.

==>Remedy To remove such scraps and prevent ourselves

Basic cure:In IE Go to internet options->security-->custom level

Then disable active scripting and Activex control there in that options.

Close browser and reopen it.Login again into orkut account and try and delete it.After that it would be ok.


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