Manually Remove Virus

How to manually remove most viruses ...
Have you ever been in the possition that you know you have an virus but you dont have any antivirus?? Its almost impossible to remove it manual without knowing about a few tips & tricks.

After reading this turtorial im sure you will know how to manual remove most of the virus lurking around. But that dosnt mean you shouldnt have any anti virus on you computer!

Anyway, lets get starting with the turtorial..
I suppose you already know what safe mode is. If you dont try pressing the F8 key some times when you start your computer. You havto do this when your computer is about to start the first windows components. In win2k or xp i think you can press space and then F8 when it ask you if you want to go back to previous working setting.

Enough talk about how to start you computer in safe mode, but if you want to manual remove viruses you almost everytime haveto do this in safe mode becouse in safemode most viruses dosnt start. Only some few windows component is allowed to run in safemode. So here is what to do.


1: Start your computer in safemode.

2: If you know where the virus are hiding delete the executable file.

3: Open the registry and go to the keys below and add an : in front of the value of the string that you think its the virus. Like this, if string is "virus" and its value is "c:\virus.exe" change its value to ":c:\virus.exe". The : is like comenting outthe value. But if you are sure its the virus you can just delete the string.

Here are the keys you maybe want to look at:



4: The virus can start itself from some other places to. win.ini is the most common files that viruses can use. Soo you should find the files
named win.ini and system.ini and look through them and see if you find anything.

5: Look through the startup folder that is normaly located in your profile directory \Start Menu\Programs\Startup.

6: Try searching for the virus executable to see if its hiding some other place.

7: Finally look through the list of services that windows is running. This list is often located under control panel - administrative tools - services.

After this 7 steps just reboot your computer in normal mode and try to figure out if the virus is still there.. If not SUCCESS if yes, try to go back to safe mode and hunt some more.


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