Make your Pocket PC Iphone theme based

Yesterday i found a cool tutorial to make your Pocket Pc interface/theme Iphone look like.All icons will be of that of Iphone and front theme wallpaper will be more like iphone with slider lock and unlock.

Re's Launcher and Unlocker:

The following files are included in this release:

Launcher.exe - The main program. Displays the launcher's home screen.
Slide.exe - The unlocker. Can be executed independently or can be activated from the home screen by tapping the time.
Config.ini - Configures which programs the launcher buttons launch.
GFX (folder) - Contains all the necessary graphics for the launcher and unlocker. Fully customizable.

How to use:

1. No installation is necessary
2. Place EVERYTHING in one folder on your device and run launcher.exe.
3. To LOCK your phone, tap on the TIME on the launcher's main screen.
4. To UNLOCK, tap on time on the iphone screen.
5. To exit, use the task manager on your device to stop it.

Button config:

1. Each button can be mapped to any exe file on the device. Just provide the full path in the config.ini file.
2. Launcher cannot be executed without a config.ini file.

Known limitations:

1. The launcher should work with all WM5.0 devices.
2. GSM signal strength and Operator Name will NOT be available on WM2003 devices.

Source code:

1. Source code is included in this release. You'll need PPL from to edit/compile it.
2. Source code can be freely modified.


Download: Iphone.exe

Note:This software only works with 240x320 displays.Also it wont work on VGA screens.

Video Tutorial: Link


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