Mac OS X - Leopard

Mac OS X - Leopard -> OS for the 21 century

I just went through a preview of the next release of Mac OS X 10 - Leopard. It really is a stepping stone in the world of OS. Steve and his team of SE's have skinned the graphics to a next level and idealized concepts for the 21st century Mac users. Below are some snippets of the features, Leopard has to offer.....

1. Time Machine
This the most amazing 'Backup & Recovery feature introduced in any OS till date. The concept - implemntation makes the idea a cake walk but believe me, this is one feature which is the 'hightlight' of the version.

2. Core Animation
Well, the maestro has given the creative geeks a ease-of-use tool with which wonders can be created in reality on the screen.

3. WebClip / DashCode
I always wondered as to why is there no tool from Apple to create widgets easily (for end users) or design with a level of coding (for developers). Mac has the answer in the form of Web Clip (for end users) and DashCode (for developers).

4. Mail / iChat
All these days I was under the impression that Apple has stopped thinking about upgrading the Mail / Chat apps on the OS X, since loadz of open source communities have come up with better clients. However, with Leopard comes some addition to both Mail and iChat to make them better and add some options. However, iChat's complete features can be explored with another Mac users using iChat client. However, the added features of Tabbed Chat and iChat Theatre on iChat, Notes, To Do's and Stationary on Mail, things are much better.

5. Spaces
I would really not pat Steve for implmenting this cuz this is exactly the copy of Workspace feature on Linux OS. Steve and his Co has ridiculed MS for copying loadz of features on OS X in Vista. Since this is a copy of a feature designed on Linux already, I felt that it should not be highlighted, but the meastro thinks the other way around and features it as on of the Features of Leopard. I must say that the Graphic implemenation of work'Spaces' makes it look awesome.

6. 64 bit / Universal Applications
From a developers pov, these 201 days (from the day Apple moved onto Intel) has been a wild ride, I suppose. These guys managed to port all their applications to a whole new processor technology. Along with this, they are offering a feature in Leopard where-in all apps designed for 32 bit are gonna work on this 64 bit ready OS. This indeed is one of the many unsaid / no-talked stuff because it is boring to listen to from a end user perspective. However as a developer, my heart really goes for the guys who were belted to the core to achieve the deadline. My respect for these guys grows everytime I visit They are also working towards setting up a bench mark so wider range of applications can be made to work upon. This has been the standout acheivement after Time Machine for me. Really Amazing!!!!

7. Spotlight
Hmm...Pretty much the same, but 2 new features has been included. You can now search for computers and contents of servers in a network. This is really cool feature. The other one being that, applications can be launched from the search result window by just clicking on the item or tapping Return button. Makes it much more easier to find and access anything you want.

Well, the above mentioned features are the best among the many that I came across. Leopard is going be released next Spring.

One more introduction to Mac HardWare community is Mac Pro which succeeds PowerMac G5(this is a history). Amazing hardware with cool capacity in terms of processing speed (upto 3 GHz), storage (upto 4 TBytes), Quad Xeon processors and some port connections on the front of the cabinet along with the regular ports on the back. Pretty cool.

All in All - Great OS

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Note: This is an ISo you have to first burn the disc.


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