MAC Address Changer

Well those who have technical knowledge knows that MAC address is the only thing which remains unique in networking but here are some softwares available that can spoof your MAC address too.So what basically is the use to change your MAC address??

When we work on internet lot of ours private system data exchanges through various servers these exchanges can some time lead to system HACKING also ,when these data got exchanged info's like ip,MAC address etc (highly confidential) are also been tracked by various sites.This could lead to superimpose of your system by them(virtually tracked and in extreme cases operated by them). So you can use the MAC address changing software to maintain privacy and integrity of your PC on internet/networks.

Other benefits could be...

Internet service providers like SIFY makes you access your connection by using login + password combination + your MAC address which they trace when you join with them.Now suppose if you know you friends login and password which is having higher connection speed(bandwidth) then yours and he allows you to use it(you too also having SIFY in same area/hub) but you cant use simply because MAC address is different.Although you can work on proxy but it will slow down the things.So with software you can put random MAC address which means Broadband Hacking! virtually!

Note:I havent tried this stuff but logically it should be working.

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