Glu Mobile Project Gotham Racing v1.2.1.S60v2

Soup up your mobile phone with Project Gotham Racing Mobile, the ultimate racing challenge that combines speed and skill with style and daring. Choose from the hottest roster of supercars then take to the streets, earning kudos for slick maneuvers and skillful driving. Compete in multiple challenges as you treat the course as your personal canvas with power slides, drafting, catching air, high speeds and precision driving. It's not just about finishing first, it's about HOW you get to the finish.


* Kudos Maneuvers - Drifting, getting airtime, overtakes, or anything else to show off your driving skills
* Gameplay - Earn Kudos to gain access to additional challenges, championships and cars
* Race Ghosts - Save and upload downloadable ghosts of your best timed races or challenge yourself against others' ghosts from around the world
* Stunning Environments - Including San Francisco, Paris, London, Cairo and Shanghai
* Hottest cars - Lamborghini Gallardo, Ford GT, Aston Martin Vanguish, Mercedes AMG-C-DTM, Toyota GT-ONE, Corvette C6, Cadillac 16 and Honda NSX
* Online Leaderboards - Post your Kudos ranking and mobile achievements to online leaderboards
* Event Variety - Including Kudos challenge, drift challenge, timed run, street race, cone challenge and more
* Unlockable rewards - In-game Unlockables that preview PGR4 content
* Replay Value - 5 different levels with different objectives and additional rewards add hours of gameplay


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