Get Rapidshare Premium Account

Recently i found various sites that are offering the list of various accounts and passwords for rapidshare premium account but when i tried it out either account does not exist or password got changed.So i surfed for the various ways to get free rapidshare premium account and luckily got one.

Their are various sites providing pay to click options with referrals.One such good site is and which gives 1 cent to click and view ad and you have more than 15+ ads daily.Also if you refer people you will get 1 cent for each ad your referral view.But you have to make sure that you remain active to get these much ads regularly.It will take time around one and half months but your patience will pay and you will have your own rapidshare premium account rather than looking for userid and passwords.

One more advantage of is ,it already has its auto clicker released so you wont have to worry about manual clicking.

Here are the links :

Believe me guys its the best way so far other then hacks for dynamic ip of rapidshare


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