Free Music Downloads(Bollywoods and English)

Here i am going to share my tricks to get best available and latest hit music around the world.Well the best software to download music is 4shared, LIMEWIRE,ARES and MORPHEUS,both are peers based softwares i.e will let you download through multiple users around.Their is no download limit etc in these softwares but they display their ads and loads of garbage stuff in free edition but you can get rid off it too by making search of these softwares within their free edition.Many users in ares and limewire share their PRO (priced version) file too so need to actually buy the software when it is already available for free their.Moreover you have loads of other options like sharing your own files rating,ipod sharing etc and you can search for video or softwares files too in their open system platform.

CAUTION:These softwares do show loads of short size files in their search results which are generally viruses rather then software and you can catch them easily by their size.For ex if you searched for window xp then it can show 200kb files,now use your common sense here a OS cant be so small! otherwise first check the demo version size of the file of that particular siteand then go for limewire download.

I suggest you to first search and install their PRO version by searching it in their Free edition software.This will increase various other options like multiple downloads at faster rates ,no ads stuff etc .

For good quality free mp3 download for bollywood or other indian music use the site


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