Free cracked softwares,games downloads

Searching for a free cracked software/game?? Get here for free....Know how to get free cracked software/game that you want for free.

Methods 1:

Have orkut account?? if u dont have then create one.Now orkut provides a main logic search which search through the keywords which you want to find.Suppose you search for "adobe professional"

Type it into the search bar and then select results in TOPIC tab.See through the search provided by orkut and match with your requirements.Usually they will give you rapidshare download link with password if any.

Method 2:

Since nowadays all files are been shared on file sharing sites like rapidshare,megauplaod,4shared etc.Out of these Rapidshare has the largest file database.Now how to got a file in rapidshare (it has no inbuilt search engine for free users).So here is the solution to it.

Go to site or

Type your search and get the results.

Now one problem that you will face is that may be the rar file that you downloaded may be password protected.Now how to get that password.Dont opt for any software its not even worth to decrypt rar password encryted file.

So the only solution i found till now is Google search.Now how to use it.Suppose you got a file downloaded name "rarkey.rar" which is password blocked.So your google search will be like this

Now google indexing will show (most probably) discussion on the download recommendation of this file with password given.See through the results if their is password listed in search then try it.Mostly you will get password within 8-10 trials which is considerable time saving rather then optioning for Brute-Force or Dictionary attack.Search through indexes and try various passwords.It will hardly took 10 mins to do this job.(probability is high ,since google has maximum site indexes)

Best part is you wont always encounter with password locked files!! Enjoy!


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