Cracking Google To Search Anything

Well after all my research work i want to share with my fellow readers the art of searching anything on google.Today google has over 8 billion website indexes indexed over it.So while searching anything over net for free or paid is a real tough ask and it might take sweat out of you.But the catch is the more precise your search is the more accurate the result you will get.

For ex. if you are looking for a software over internet then usually most of write the software name to find it but you will get loads of sites charging money to you for these softwares or you get listed up with the sites providing cracks and ending up with having viruses in your PC.So when you actually looking for a software you are looking for a file.Now over net most of the people share file in either .rar or .zip format.So your actual search should be + + .rar or + + .zip.You will find that the no. of indexes googling listing this time got reduced by miles.

So philosophy is simple the more the precise your search, the more the precise result you will get.The lesser the number of results satisfying your need the more the chances that you will get your required search effectively.

In case you ended up having a .rar file locked with password then do the following:

1)Copy paste the name of the file to the google.

2)Add PASS to your query.Again you will get results getting all what you want a password.This is also the fastest technique to crack a rar password.


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