BIOS Password Hacking

If you want to hack the windows BIOS password then you have to do nothing more....... You have to just follow some steps

But that system first should be in OS mode.Basically its for getting rid off some password set in some PC's in BIOS

1)First reboot the pc if it is first booted

2)Press f8 key

3)Boot the computer in ms-dos mode(command prompt)

4)Then just write c:\>ren *.pwl *.abc and just press enter

5)This will break any of ur windows bios password

6)This command is dangerous if used in a wrong manner then it must change the windows registry


There is a Software called KNOPIX.

It is a bootable disc.Simply boot with the KNOPIX cd

It will break all password(including bios ).So here is the link of the software........


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