Age of Empires For pocket PC

Age of Empires For pocket PC-Well no need to mention this.We all are pretty familiar with Age of Empires PC version.Now you could play your own favourite game on your own pocket PC

* New Version 1.25 features include:
* All original PC game sound effects
* All but 2 of the original PC game musical tracks
* 3 minute intro video
* Full user manual embedded in Pocket IE readable HTML file

It's here! The original Age of Empires: Gold Edition for the PC now available for your Windows Mobile based Pocket PC device as Age of Empires: Pocket PC Edition!

You are the guiding spirit of a Stone Age tribe. You start with minimal resources, and take on challenges to build your tribe into a great civilization lasting thousands of years. Will you win by conquering enemy civilizations? Exploring the known world? Or by economic victory through building wealth?

* Choose between 8 campaigns, 24 scenarios, death matches, or random maps
* Your choice of 16 different ancient civilizations
* Amazing graphics, music, and sound effects!
* Huge battles of historical conquests!
* Comprehensive technology tree
* All New Roman Architecture


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