Adobe Illustrator CS3


Adobe Illustrator CS3
Manufacturer: Adobe
Operating system support: Windows XP SP2, Vista Home Premium or better, Mac OS

Overall, the transition to Mac OS X was relatively smooth, but one of the rough periods for professional graphic designers was Illustrator 10. This first native OS X version was the poster child for reasons to wait to move to Mac OS X on older hardware, since everything was glacially slow compared to Illustrator 9 on OS 9. This wasn't all Adobe's fault, and there were worse culprits for sure. Eventually, updates made it incrementally faster, and with version 12, it was finally zippy enough to run on a first-gen G5 without feeling like you were designing in bullet time.

Okay, it wasn't that bad, but Adobe knew it had issues with the older code; with CS3, they've completely overhauled the drawing engine to get a much larger boost and bring an end to any nostalgia for the speedy—yet crashy—days of yore. Of course, this update also comes with Universal Binary Intel Mac support, a new interface, and some things called "new features" that we'll also take a look at.

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